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High Power 5000mW Green Laser Pointer
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High Power 5000mW Hardcover Edition Green Laser Pointer burning 532nm Flashlight Style

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Product Details

Looking for high energy High power green laser pointers? The 5000mW high power makes this 5000mW 532nm Beam Light Green  Laser Pointer Pen Kit capable of a lot of cool things. It generates a laser beam with ultra bright green light points full of energy. 5000mW green laser pointer is powerful enough to be used as an effective astronomy tool. You can use it to direct people's attention to constellations, nebulae and other distant objects in space with incredible accuracy.

Product selling point:
1.The 5000mw laser pointer Pointer is made of aviation aluminum, plus surface plating feel good!
2.The focal length is adjustable, according to actual needs adjusted to meet the needs of the majority of fans!
3.Focus, The  Green Beam Laser Pointer  can light matches, burn black shopping bag!
4.18650 rechargeable battery, battery life, and can be used repeatedly!
5.The intensity of the green light as a classic laser light source is a red six times, the technology is mature, reliable quality!

Powerful Laser Pointer Features

Material: Aviation aluminum alloy
Laser Color:Green
Switch mode:touch switch
Output Power:5000mW
Range:500-10000 (the higher the power, the greater the range)
Working voltage:DC=3V
Working temperature:0 to35℃
Power supply:1 x18650 rechargeable battery
Focusing focus,point-like spot continuous output.

 Hardcover Edition 5000mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer PackageHardcover Edition 5000mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer  Like flashlightsHardcover Edition 5000mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer ShowHardcover Edition 5000mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Size

Laser pointers

Laser Pointer Green


How to Burn the Match:
1.Please put the laser in a dark place, and adjust the laser to the biggest spot, then you can see the light beam clearly and it is the focus pointer.
2. After you see the beam,please put the match in the tiny and shiny place,that means the best combustion position.
3.Only if you put the match at the right position, it can burn.In the event of injury, immediately consult your eye doctor. You should also notify the National Environment Agency immediately.

Hardcover Edition 5000mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Lighting a matchHardcover Edition 5000mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Lit cigarette

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green laser 3000mw


Please pay attention

1)The use of the laser beam is absolutely does not allow the irradiation of the eye in front of humans and animals!
2) Safety First! It is imperative to wear adequate Laser Safety Glasses (Laser Goggle) when exposed to ANY Lasers of 5mW and more. Please note that according to the FDA, Sun Glasses are NOT considered to be proper eye protection against Lasers!
3) The laser is high power .So it runs out of battery quickly. And please don't keep the laser on continuously for more than 20 seconds or it will get burnt from inside easily.
4) Never aim a laser pointer at surfaces that would reflect the light back, like mirrors or mirrored surfaces.
5) Keep these devices out of the reach of children.


In the summer, Green Laser Pointers not to use more than 30 seconds.if you feel laser pen body is hot, please immediately stop until completely cool!
In the winter,green laser may need to preheat a period of time in order to achieve the best brightness , we suggest that can be placed in the pocket after a muggy, then put the battery, continuous light time is not more than one minute as well! To prevent excessive laser aging,
In the summer. Please do not continuous light laser too long (especially green Laser Pointer), preferably not more than 30 seconds.
In winter, we recommend can put it into the clothes warm it up, then put in the battery.
Powerful Laser Pointer continuous lighting time is not more than one minute as well! To prevent the laser pointer too hot, causing damage to the laser LD!
If you feel a laser pointer gets hot, please stop using it immediately, until it cools.

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Laser Pointer Customer Reviews:

Pleasantly surprised at how bright this 5000mw green laser is. Showing friends and family is a joy because of their amazement. This laser is powerful and yet discreet, appearing like a standard fountain pen and can be placed in your pocket. It has successfully lit matches with ease. Very happy.

-----☆☆☆☆☆ -----by Tayyaba Awais

It looks and feels high class, very solid. Intense beam, you clearly see a dot in a few km. Perfect for pointing things in the sky also. It is strong enough for matches/balloons, is you want more burning power you better go with the Spartan. Overall I'm very satisfied

-----☆☆☆☆☆ -----by Cameron Armstrong

Just received my new 5000mW green laser pointer . It's just great. Sleek, light and very strong. Laser is crisp, stable and painfully bright. Stays cool during operation and stable.

-----☆☆☆☆☆ -----by william

Have purchased 5000mW Laser. They are used for birding and have been perfect, very bright. I will go back to Their service is excellent.

-----☆☆☆☆☆ -----by Jon Nathan

Quick shipping and well packaged. Laser is easy to use, and is incredibly powerful! Completely satisfied with this purchase (my second Lasers)

-----☆☆☆☆☆ -----by Kenneth Barker

Awesome green laser, Super bright and far exceeded my expectations. Service was great, thanks. I recommend lasers to everyone.

-----☆☆☆☆☆ -----by Rodney Hoff


10000mW 532nm green laser pointer
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